"Sosúa75 is here to illuminate an incredible, yet unsung story of saving lives amidst a world of turmoil."



"Is to highlight the lasting significance of the 1938 Evian Conference"

"To promote and conserve the history of Judaism in Sosúa"

"To commemorate Las Hermanas Mirabal, 'Las Mariposas', and their historic impact"

"To restore and remember the lost stories of the Taino indigenous people"

Sosua75 Chairman Hugh Baver's Dominican Red Sox Baseball Journey of Discovery


Your meaningful and fully tax-deductible contribution will be used towards sustaining this multi-phase, cultural project and for purchasing the land for the creation of a permanent and self-sustaining "living memorial." This will serve as a learning legacy for generations to come, honoring the original founding of this Jewish refugees colony in the courage strength and fortitude of the original settlers.

Sosua75's work never stops, but we need your help. Our commitment to the public good is an integral and significant part of our mission which is sustained by generous supporters and benefactors like you. Sosua75 is dedicated to our mission to "educate & remember" by sharing this little known Holocaust story of redemption with the world.

Your donation will help:

  • Cultivate study abroad opportunities through funding student exchange & scholarship programs
  • Establish & develop academic programs on the post secondary level to further investigate & document the journey of the original settlers
  • Finance missions & trips to the DR to immerse young minds in the culture, history, & experience of the original Sosua settlers.
  • Commemorate the founding of the Sosua colony with enduring monuments, storyboards, & exhibits in Sosua & across the world
  • Sponsor lectures & events in the US to inform the public of this historic milestone
  • Develop educational curriculum & collateral for distribution